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 I am 66 years old and I was looking for a non-invasive way to lift my face & firm my skin.  I researched facial acupuncture and learned that though not quite equal to a surgical face life, the results are often quite good.  CJ performed 10 treatments on me and the results were amazing.  My skin is lighter, firmer, and I have almost no lines.  People are so surprised at my age because they think I am 20 years younger.  CJ is a very gentle and caring man who is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for cosmetic or treatment of body systems that cause pain or illness. -S

  Cosmetic Treatments to the face has been awesome.  At 6th treatment so far and am much tighter and firmer and look much younger than 49.  Took out the deep forehead lines and the loose skin around my mouth or jowls as I call them.  C.J. does wonderful work!  I am so pleased with the results.  Cannot wait to make it to 10. Thanks so much. -K

 I would like you to know how impressed I am with the anti-aging/rejuvenation treatment I received. After just few acupuncture sessions, I felt my face was already tighter, brighter, and my skin was smooth and supple. At the end of the treatments, the expression lines have disappeared and the wrinkles around my eyes almost went away. Also, my neck is smooth and my chin is tight. I can see and feel the elasticity in my skin. I'm pleasantly surprised as I didn't know that it would be so effective. I'm so happy with the result and the benefits I got that I'm encouraging my girl friends to do this acupuncture treatment instead of resorting to the toxic Botox with its dangerous side effects. Also, I have to mention how effective the acupuncture treatments were for my other conditions. I used to suffer from poor circulation and indigestion.After the acupuncture treatments, I no longer feel the tingling, and pins and needles in my legs and feet. The dark circles around my eyes became lighter and almost disappeared. My digestion is now normal and I no longer suffer from bloating and abdominal cramps after eating certain foods. One of the nice side effects of acupuncture is how it makes you feel so relaxed. I certainly sleep much better at night which is essential for people who are stressed and overworked like me. Overall, I feel and look much younger. I get a lot of compliments from my family. I'm recommending and encouraging my friends and family to do those acupuncture treatments as I'm a living proof of the benefits they can reap. My husband and I will be coming back to CJ for maintenance of these results. Thanks. - Hala

   My wife and I are both over 40 and we take good care of ourselves, living a healthy lifestyle. However, after a couple of family tragedies and the stress they caused for several years, we realized that our usually youthful look has started to show signs of aging: sagging and deep expression lines. We decided to take action, and being as health conscious as we are, we researched all possible healthy options; and we immediately ruled out Botox and surgery which we believe are quite dangerous with questionable results at best and serious negative side effects. We then decided to try acupuncture facial rejuvenation with CJ in Cary NC, and we are extremely pleased with the results we got. He recommended a ten-session treatment for rejuvenation, stress reduction, and overall well-being.The results were loud and clear following the first couple of ac-treatments. The stress was gone and was replaced with deep relaxation, the quality of sleep dramatically improved, and our face began its trip back to its youth. By the sixth and seventh treatments it was evident that acu-facial rejuvenation is very powerful if performed by a meticulous expert like CJ. He loves what he does and it shows in his attention to details. CJ doesn't only apply the correct acupuncture combination for the problem; but he supplements them with intensive sessions of facial cleansing, nourishment, and finishing serums. The end results are nothing short of amazing, we've met several friends during and after treatment and we've heart it now a couple of times that we look like two young late-twenties people (I'm 47 and my wife is 41). The lines are practically completely gone (and I do mean completely), out faces are plumb and supple with no droopiness or sagging. We see the same luminosity as that of a collagen filled twenty something year old. We call it the acu-facial miracle. We've already recommended CJ to our family; and we recommend him enthusiastically to everyone who is serious about reclaiming his/her youthful look. - H

   CJ's presence is calming and serene creating a feeling of confidence and openness well before the treatment begins. From CJ's initial assessment of my health from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective to explaining the process I feel well informed of my treatment and options. Our time together is gifted with gentleness and kindness. My acupuncture treatment is so relaxing under the warmth of heat lamps and a moxa "a treatment" for increasing my energy levels that I usually go into a light sleep. CJ then releases the acupuncture and provides a light treatment and conditioner for my face. This also is such an enjoyable part of the treatment.After the treatment I feel refreshed and rejuvenated! I also feel well rested with an increased energy level that I usually experience after a couple weeks away from work. And it's wonderful to see my fabulous facial results especially between my brows and the uplift of my eyes. My facial skin tone improved so much that I can go out without makeup. My husband and friends especially the ones that I haven't seen for a while are amazed at my youthful look. CJ and I will have a long relationship since his manner and results are outstanding. It ca only be better. My gratitude and many thanks to CJ! I don't know why anyone wouldn't love this! - Cindy

 I would like to highly recommend the facial treatments that I receive from CJ at Eastern Acupuncture. Not only has CJ been more that generous with his time and attention to my needs, he understands the underlying effects of letting the face express the true happy nature of me. I have always been unsatisfied with the level of beauty that shown on my face, and with the support and artistry of CJ, I am blossoming. My self-confidence is improving and so is my life. Thank you CJ. - Nina

    I am ecstatic!  Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments have eliminated the deep crease between my eyebrows..a family characteristic…which people said made me look angry all the time, even when I wasn't frowning. I've also seen positive changes in reducing the size of large pores as well as reducing age spots and fine lines (aging skin). I have an overall more youthful appearance. CJ, you're an artist. Thank you so much! - Sue

My 70 year old droopy eyelids were causing vision problems. Cosmetic acupuncture lifted my eyelids without the expense, the pain and recovery time that surgery entails. Even my hairdresser was concerned about my thinning hair and eyebrows. My eyelashes were sparse, stubby and nearly nonexistent on the bottom lid. CJ made an herbal tea for me to add to my shampoo. After only a half-bottle of shampoo: my hair is thicker; my eyebrows have grown back and my eyelashes are full and curly. Thanks, CJ. You have made a very positive difference in my life.          -Gale

Hair Loss - Carol

Dear CJ, Meri told me about your Chinese herbs stopping her hair loss and its re-growth. I had to try it too. I love to say - it works. It really works!! Thank you so much. God Bless You.


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