• "Hey CJ! Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for what you did. You served and planted a seed of hope for me. Not many strangers will choose that path, but I am greatly fortunate to experience such kindness and compassion. Your gifts are extensive and I wish so much prosperity and abundance for you, your family, and your business. CJ is a neediest I know who loves to heal all and preach through his lovely soul. His passion for the Eastern arts make him known as the Korean Zen-master who Possesses a hefty childlike laughter & such. He misses the Big Apple and his friends, but who knows what will become of his future years within the Sweet North Carolina Sands. So, I thank you, CJ, a divine vessel who helped me when I needed a helping hand."
    A Seed of Hope - Swetal
  • "I have had the good fortune to work and co manage patients with Huijeong "C.J." Choe for over one year. Being a chiropractic office, the union of acupuncture and chiropractic care is the perfect symbiosis for health and healing. In my experience working with other Acupuncturists, I am astounded at the positive responses from his patients after just one or two treatments. I am very pleased at his positive mental attitude and his jovial nature. He will be my exclusive Acupuncture referral for years to come."
    Acupuncture Referral - Dr. Borja
  • "My son has been dealing with asthma and allergies for about three years. After trying medicine after medicine I was at a loss as for what to do to relieve my son's symptoms. After hearing about the benefits of acupuncture I thought I would give it a try. Even after my son's first visit seeing Dr. CJ, my son had remarkable relief. For the first time in one year he was able to sleep thru the whole night. The nasal congestion and drip he was experiencing had begun clearing up and his breathing was not labored as it had been before the treatment. After having only four treatments with Dr. CJ, my son has done so well within a shout amount of time. I am amazed with my son's progress with Dr. CJ and will continue to see him."
    Asthma and Allergies - Jessica
  • "I'm 47 years old and suffer back pain related to spinal stenosis, herniated disc, and osteoarthritis. I spent more than a year with neurosurgeon who tried ablation therapy, epidural injections, and facet injections. None of these treatments worked and the ablation seemed to make things worse. After thousands of dollars and too many painful treatments, I gave up on the neurosurgeon. I started seeing CJ four months ago and see a marked improvement with the pain and range of motion. I am no longer on pain medication, muscle relaxers, or steroids. I feel better than I have in years and can even spend an entire evening dancing to my favorite band. I am so grateful to have found CJ and would recommend him to anyone suffering from back pain."
    Back Pain - Kim
  • "After we learned at 36-37 weeks that our baby was breech, our doctor recommended we try moxibustion and she recommended seeing you. I came to you twice and had a very relaxing, wonderful experience. My husband then took the moxibustion sticks you gave us and we did it twice a day at home for about 10 days. Turns out, at our 38 week appointment, we learned she had turned. Thank you so much, and I will definitely return to you for more acupuncture help down the road."
    Breech presentation - Cameron
  • "I am writing this letter to express my appreciation. As you already know, I am 54 years old and I have endured years of constipation, with painful and intermittent bowel movements. From the time I was a child, despite the fact that my mother gave me numerous home remedies for constipation, I have never had a bowel movement without pain or discomfort. What's more, I have never had a complete bowel movement without the use of laxatives or stool softeners. However, since coming to your office this is no longer true. While I make no claims that your technique is a cure for patients with similar bowel problems, I gain the benefit when I do the bowel exercise twice a day. In doing so, my bowel movements have increased from once every 10-13 days; to nearly 2-3, times per week. Thank you C.J., for teaching me, and assisting me in achieving a much better quality of life."
    Constipation - Barbara
  • "In 1996, I experienced a neck injury that caused me to have severe pain in my neck, and for over ten years, I was unaware of the extent of my injury. When I was unable to bare the pain any longer, physicians informed me that the previous injury had developed into a form of degenerative joint and disc disease; and this was the root cause of my neck, back and shoulder discomfort.In 2006, I underwent neck surgery to remove the damaged discs. It was an improvement. However, in 2008, despite the surgery; I had developed continuous pain, numbness and discomfort again.However, since coming to your office and receiving treatment, there has been a marked improvement in my level of pain. While I can make no claims that acupuncture works for everyone, your technique is a much-needed relief for me. No longer do I have discomfort 24 hours a day, and my pain level is much more manageable for me. Thank you C.J. for allowing me to be your patient and experience a much better quality of life."
    Continuous Pain, Numbness & Discomfort - Barbara
  • "I am 66 years old and I was looking for a non-invasive way to lift my face & firm my skin. I researched facial acupuncture and learned that though not quite equal to a surgical face life, the results are often quite good. CJ performed 10 treatments on me and the results were amazing. My skin is lighter, firmer, and I have almost no lines. People are so surprised at my age because they think I am 20 years younger. CJ is a very gentle and caring man who is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for cosmetic or treatment of body systems that cause pain or illness."
    Cosmetic Acupuncture - S.
  • "I am ecstatic! Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments have eliminated the deep crease between my eyebrows..a family characteristic…which people said made me look angry all the time, even when I wasn't frowning. I've also seen positive changes in reducing the size of large pores as well as reducing age spots and fine lines (aging skin). I have an overall more youthful appearance. CJ, you're an artist. Thank you so much!"
    Cosmetic Acupuncture - Sue
  • "My 70 year old droopy eyelids were causing vision problems. Cosmetic acupuncture lifted my eyelids without the expense, the pain and recovery time that surgery entails. Even my hairdresser was concerned about my thinning hair and eyebrows. My eyelashes were sparse, stubby and nearly nonexistent on the bottom lid. CJ made an herbal tea for me to add to my shampoo. After only a half-bottle of shampoo: my hair is thicker; my eyebrows have grown back and my eyelashes are full and curly. Thanks, CJ. You have made a very positive difference in my life."
    Cosmetic acupuncture, Droopy eyelids - Gale
  • "I would like to highly recommend the facial treatments that I receive from CJ at Eastern Acupuncture. Not only has CJ been more that generous with his time and attention to my needs, he understands the underlying effects of letting the face express the true happy nature of me. I have always been unsatisfied with the level of beauty that shown on my face, and with the support and artistry of CJ, I am blossoming. My self-confidence is improving and so is my life. Thank you CJ."
    Facial Acupuncture - Nina
  • "This is to acknowledge Acupuncturist Mr. Huijeong Choe for treating us. Briefly, I was seriously suffering from depression for many years. A few months after taking the medicines, the other health problems, including stomach and back aches, started to affect my normal life negatively. All specialists believe that this has been due to side effects of the medicines.Fortunately, after a few times treating by Mr. Huijeong Choe, I could give the medicines up. After one term treating 9ten appointments) I felt much better and started new life (the life without need to medicines).My husband's leg was injured in a car accident. He was suffering knee ache. After acupuncture treatments, he feels much better."
    Depression, Stomach and Back Aches - Mahbobeh
  • "I began using CJ's Herbal Hair Formula after noticing a coworker's hair looked beautiful and full. I'd been losing a lot of hair for several months. My doctor could not find the cause and was not worried about the hair loss. I was.The first thing I noticed, when I began using the formula, was that my hair felt soft and had more volume. I have fine, limp hair! Suddenly I had volume! Within three days I realized I was no longer blocking the drain in my shower from all the hair I'd been losing! I absolutely LOVE the formula and recommend it to all of my friends. It does not require any extra steps. You simply mix it into your shampoo and wash as you normally would. So it's easy to use and has given me more than I could have hoped for. I'm no longer losing my hair, and the hair I have looks and feel better than it ever has. I cannot speak highly enough about CJ or his herbal formula!"
    Losing a lot of Hair - Meri
  • "Dear CJ, Meri told me about your Chinese herbs stopping her hair loss and its re-growth. I had to try it too. I love to say - it works. It really works!! Thank you so much. God Bless You."
    Hair Loss - Carol
  • "CJ, I wanted to say thank you and express my gratitude for the contribution you have made to my health and well being. Whether it be alleviating pain or providing general care I always feel dramatic improvement after your treatments. Thank you also for sharing your prespective on life and the suggestions on the topics on nutrition, exercise and alternative eastern therapy. I look forward to my next visit."
    Health and Well Being - Bruce
  • "My experience with CJ ACUPUNCTURE has been wonderful. Acupuncture made a very stressful time in my life much less stressful and even relaxing at times. Acupuncture with CJ helped me sleep better. During my IVF treatment, acupuncture helped greatly increase my results favorably. I highly recommend acupuncture for fertility treatments as well as other needs to improve health."
    Infertility / IVF - B
  • "I started acupuncture at CJ ACUPUNCTURE about 3 weeks prior to IVF. I had about two sessions per week, specifically the day before transfer and after. The treatments are wonderful and very relaxing. I want to thank the staff at CJ Acupuncture. I just found out this week that I am pregnant."
    Infertility / IVF -S. Dixon
  • "I was suffering from insomnia and digestive problems for many years. I took amytriptaline to cure my insomnia and Zantac and protonix for my stomach. Not willing to go along with the side effects of these medications, I decided to try something natural. I decided to give acupuncture a try, and I am glad I did. I discovered CJ Acupuncture on the internet. Dr. CJ, who is my acupuncturist, is very kind, caring and attentive to all his patients. Since I don't have insurance coverage for acupuncture, the doctor was kind enough to accommodate me. I highly recommend him. Finally, I am currently off all prior medications I was taking. Thanks."
    Insomnia and Digestive problem - Kusum
  • "After 5 months of knee pain, two injections, 90 days of taking inflammatory medication, I was still limping and experiencing knee pain that would wake me up during the night. I decided to try acupuncture and found Eastern Acupuncture while searching on the Internet. On my initial visit, I was very impressed by CJ's knowledge of the body and how comfortable I was discussing my problem with him.After 3 weeks of treatment, I am no longer walking with a limp and the pain in the knee joint has been reduced to a feeling of tightness. I have also followed CJ's recommendation of taking supplements. I feel like I have more energy with less stiffness throughout my body now. I highly recommend Eastern Acupuncture for alternative or additional treatment for all types of physical problems."
    Knee Pain - Ken
  • "You meet a lot of people in life but very few with a heart as big as yours. Thank you for everything and good luck with your new adventure."
    LOVE - Margaret
  • "This is a letter to anyone who is considering acupuncture to help with pain. Don't wait; I tried acupuncture with the urging of my son. I have several back issues which has caused a history of chronic pain and the reason I retired early. With the discovery of ""CJ"" and acupuncture, I have a lot less pain medication needed and when I do take medication, it is more effective. I am able to stand and walk straighter and my endurance has improved. Even my family has noticed that my mood has improved. Acupuncture has changed my life. Don't delay and give acupuncture a try."
    Lower Back Pain - Sherry -
  • "Doc CJ has been good at helping my son maintain his body through the later part of his high school career as an Athelete. My son suffered from wear and tear and growing pains. He had knee issue and back problems. Dr. CJ has been a constant factor in helping his stay on the field. My my son still makes trips here(to the clinic) from school(In Alabama) in order to be seen to stay competitive at a high level. His patience and explanation of his methods has made him a success. Doctor CJ is now a part of my family and much of my son's success belong to him!"
    Maintain Athelete Career (Football Player) - M
  • "This is to tank Mr. Huijeong Choe for his helpful treatment. I was suffering from male function disorders for many years. At first, I was actually not sure for effectiveness of his treatment. But after 4th appointment I felt that I was getting better. All I can say is that acupuncture has really improved my life. Now I can continue my normal life like before and this is a great feeling."
    Male Function Disorder - Manoocher
  • "This not is to acknowledge and thank for the successful treatments that I have received while in your care over the past several months. I have suffered with migraine headaches for over 30 years and I am very happy to tell you that I have not had a headache since beginning treatments with you. I also had severely swollen feet due to poor circulation and after receiving acupuncture treatments, taking herbs and doing the exercises that you prescribed the swelling is down considerably. I can actually see my ankle bones again. This was my first exposure to acupuncture and the holistic approach to health care. I am totally impressed by your professional knowledge and compassionate approach to treating my total being, body and mind. Thank you for such complete care."
    Migraine Headaches over 30 years, - Cherie
  • "I started seeing an acupuncturist in 2001 for low energy and general wellbeing. The results were immediate for me. From that point on I made it a part of my wellbeing plan. I would see the acupuncturist once a month. In 2008 I started a program for infertility and adrenal fatigue. It took two years of nutritional supplements, herbs, applied kinesiology, and acupuncture but I did get pregnant. I know deep in my heart it would not have been possible if acupuncture had not part of my program. Once I became pregnant I had morning sickness (all day sickness in my case). Acupuncture was the ONLY thing that helped me enough so I could get out of bed and work. CJ was truly a blessing. I had a healthy baby boy and he is very laid back. I know it is because of the acupuncture treatment I received while I was pregnant. Thank you for all of your help CJ."
    Morning Sickness - Dr. Baylis -
  • "When I moved to Raleigh, I began searching for an acupuncturist to continue treatment I had been receiving for neck and back pain. From the moment I stepped into CJ's office for the first time, I truly felt that he cared for my well-being, not simply as a paying client. He made numerous, helpful recommendations that extended beyond the acupuncture treatments received. Overall I am very satisfied with the treatment administered by CJ. My neck and back pain is greatly relieved. Also, during the course of my treatment I mentioned some sinus issues that I have been dealing with for quite some time. By the end of my time with CJ these issues were greatly improved, sometime I thought was not possible. I recommend CJ to anyone who is searching for quality acupuncture treatment at a reasonable cost."
    Neck & Back Pain, Sinus issues - Nathan
  • "I started going to Eastern Acupuncture on 9/23/08. I was very apprehensive as I have never gone for acupuncture before and did not know what to expect. I was in pain daily in my back and legs and medication did not seem to help with the pain.The acupuncture I have received from Mr. Choe has made the pain nearly non-existent plus my energy level has gradually increased. He is now trying to help me loose weight and I hope it is as successful. Thank you Mr. Choe."
    Pain in my Back and Legs - Frances
  • "I was in rehab for almost 3 years. Pins & needles up & down my leg into my feet. They shot injections into my spine 4 times. No help and cost a fortune. Put me on a lot of meds. I came to see C.J. and in 3 months the pain was gone. Thank God for giving C.J. a gift. Acupuncture has been around for thousand years. Do I have to say anything more? Plus he is a beautiful person and he just wants to help you. Thank you so much."
    Pins & Needles Up & Down Leg into Feet - Edward
  • "I went to "C.J" Choe suffering with severe upper abdominal pain tender to the touch. I had gone to numerous doctors. The doctors stated that the pain stemmed from my gall bladder and wanted to do surgery. After to going to Eastern Acupuncture ""C.J."" designed a course of treatment for the pain and its symptoms.After numerous visits I now live pain free with no other symptoms. My husband and I did numerous researches before deciding on Eastern Acupuncture and I have recommended it to others. Before deciding on any surgery I would consult "C.J.". I have found him knowledgeable, compassionate, generous and kind. He is interested in your condition and has a holistic approach. Thank you "C.J.""
    Severe Upper Abdominal Pain - Cheryl
  • "I wanted to take a moment to thank you for improving the quality of my life! When I arrived on your doorstep, my shoulder pain was horrible and I was not sleeping at night. I had already seen my doctor and physical therapist with the shoulder pain reoccurring and unrelenting. You took time to assess my situation and discuss how you would treat me. I appreciate at each visit you would take time to discuss how I was doing and changed my treatment for maximum effectiveness. You always take time to explain what you are doing and answer any questions I have.I am delighted that within two weeks, my shoulder pain was remarkably improved and at six weeks it is all but gone. I am a believer in the use of acupuncture to treat pain and am recommending your skills to my friends. Again, thank you for improving the quality of my life."
    Shoulder Pain - Tammy
  • "For most of my adult life I have suffered from sinus issues. No drug and no doctor visit have ever ably addressed this. At one point I'd considered surgery. Having had a fascination for acupuncture for many years, I decided to try this alternative method first before doing something more invasive. I am happy to say that after several sessions with CJ, my sinus issues have significantly improved. I am happy I decided to try acupuncture and thrilled with the results CJ has brought me."
    Sinus issues - Steve
  • "Since I'm new to Acupuncture, I had no idea that years of sinus problems could be turned around in two treatments. My nose had been dripping ""like a sieve"" for about three weeks when CJ gave me my first treatment. I saw a difference almost immediately. Now, after just two treatments, I'm happy to report that I'm at 95% of optimum. Impressive!!Another thing… although I'm not a person who suffers from stress (thank God!), I found the Acupuncture treatments so relaxing that I was close to napping during the first session…and actually did nap during the second session. Both times I felt very refreshed afterward. Here's how I would describe it: Acupuncture is like having a massage on the inside."
    Years of Sinus Problem - Sue
  • "I was having a lot of trouble trying to breath with my sinus until I met CJ. He put needles on my face, hands and legs. Now I can breath and have no trouble with my sinus. The treatment was done on Monday and still doing good on this Thursday for both my sinus and breathing. Thank you for fixing my problem. I will be back."
    Sinus problem and trouble Breathing - Melissa
  • "I was injured on the job. My back, especially the T spine was so painful & was unable to function. Daily chores, cleaning house, sweeping, mopping, even doing dishes was almost impossible. I had a fusion at C5 , C6 but that did not relieve my pain. After seeing Mr. CJ, I had more relief for longer periods of time & am now pain free! 3 months into my treatment, I was in an auto accident. My sternum was cracked & I was in severe pain. Mr. CJ gave me a treatment & was able to breath much easier! He is a true gentleman & a great doctor!"
    Upper Back Pain after Injury & Surgery - Pat

Anti-Aging / Rejuvenation -Hala

I would like you to know how impressed I am with the anti-aging/rejuvenation treatment I received. After just few acupuncture sessions, I felt my face was already tighter, brighter, and my skin was smooth and supple. At the end of the treatments, the expression lines have disappeared and the wrinkles around my eyes almost went away. Also, my neck is smooth and my chin is tight. I can see and feel the elasticity in my skin. I'm pleasantly surprised as I didn't know that it would be so effective. I'm so happy with the result and the benefits I got that I'm encouraging my girl friends to do this acupuncture treatment instead of resorting to the toxic Botox with its dangerous side effects. Also, I have to mention how effective the acupuncture treatments were for my other conditions. I used to suffer from poor circulation and indigestion.After the acupuncture treatments, I no longer feel the tingling, and pins and needles in my legs and feet. The dark circles around my eyes became lighter and almost disappeared. My digestion is now normal and I no longer suffer from bloating and abdominal cramps after eating certain foods. One of the nice side effects of acupuncture is how it makes you feel so relaxed. I certainly sleep much better at night which is essential for people who are stressed and overworked like me. Overall, I feel and look much younger. I get a lot of compliments from my family. I'm recommending and encouraging my friends and family to do those acupuncture treatments as I'm a living proof of the benefits they can reap. My husband and I will be coming back to CJ for maintenance of these results. Thanks.

Broke my Arm - Dorothy

I wanted to thank you in writing for how helpful your treatment has been for me, especially after I broke my arm (radius bone), which then needed to be pinned surgically. I have told many people that I think acupuncture and herbal treatment lessened the pain issues and promoted a much quicker recovery. I have wondered why this treatment is not recommended for everyone who breaks a bone. I saw you four days after breaking my arm. Doctors had manually gotten the bones lined up and set. Surgery was scheduled but I still had a lot of pain and my arm and fingers were very swollen "like sausages". At the end of the acupuncture session with you, my fingers looked normal and the pain was gone. You also gave me herbal tablets to take to promote good surgical outcome. Both of which worked. Following surgery, I have continued to see you.Once again, your treatment reduced the swelling and pain. In addition, acupuncture, your other techniques, and herbs have been very helpful in reducing stress and promoting emotional recovery, as well as physical. I hope you will share this letter with other people who are injured or need surgery. The more people who know the benefit of acupuncture and herbal treatment, the more people will benefit from the addition of these Eastern treatments to Western medicine.

Facial Rejuvenation - Cindy

CJ's presence is calming and serene creating a feeling of confidence and openness well before the treatment begins. From CJ's initial assessment of my health from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective to explaining the process I feel well informed of my treatment and options. Our time together is gifted with gentleness and kindness. My acupuncture treatment is so relaxing under the warmth of heat lamps and a moxa "a treatment" for increasing my energy levels that I usually go into a light sleep. CJ then releases the acupuncture and provides a light treatment and conditioner for my face. This also is such an enjoyable part of the treatment.After the treatment I feel refreshed and rejuvenated! I also feel well rested with an increased energy level that I usually experience after a couple weeks away from work. And it's wonderful to see my fabulous facial results especially between my brows and the uplift of my eyes. My facial skin tone improved so much that I can go out without makeup. My husband and friends especially the ones that I haven't seen for a while are amazed at my youthful look. CJ and I will have a long relationship since his manner and results are outstanding. It ca only be better. My gratitude and many thanks to CJ! I don't know why anyone wouldn't love this!

Facial Rejuvenation - H

My wife and I are both over 40 and we take good care of ourselves, living a healthy lifestyle. However, after a couple of family tragedies and the stress they caused for several years, we realized that our usually youthful look has started to show signs of aging: sagging and deep expression lines. We decided to take action, and being as health conscious as we are, we researched all possible healthy options; and we immediately ruled out Botox and surgery which we believe are quite dangerous with questionable results at best and serious negative side effects. We then decided to try acupuncture facial rejuvenation with CJ in Cary NC, and we are extremely pleased with the results we got. He recommended a ten-session treatment for rejuvenation, stress reduction, and overall well-being.The results were loud and clear following the first couple of ac-treatments. The stress was gone and was replaced with deep relaxation, the quality of sleep dramatically improved, and our face began its trip back to its youth. By the sixth and seventh treatments it was evident that acu-facial rejuvenation is very powerful if performed by a meticulous expert like CJ. He loves what he does and it shows in his attention to details. CJ doesn't only apply the correct acupuncture combination for the problem; but he supplements them with intensive sessions of facial cleansing, nourishment, and finishing serums. The end results are nothing short of amazing, we've met several friends during and after treatment and we've heart it now a couple of times that we look like two young late-twenties people (I'm 47 and my wife is 41). The lines are practically completely gone (and I do mean completely), out faces are plumb and supple with no droopiness or sagging. We see the same luminosity as that of a collagen filled twenty something year old. We call it the acu-facial miracle. We've already recommended CJ to our family; and we recommend him enthusiastically to everyone who is serious about reclaiming his/her youthful look.

Hip Pain and Trigger Finger - Cheryl

I went to C.J. of Eastern Acupuncture for a couple of years. He has always been professional, responsive and caring. Ailments included were: severe stomach and hip pain and trigger finger. All of which responded to his treatment. I went to a hand specialist for the trigger finger and was told I needed surgery. After much pain and numerous suggestions from my husband I went to see C.J. The doctors I saw recommended surgery for the stomach. After treatment with C.J. I no longer had stomach pain. As the case with the trigger finger, the doctor suggested I get surgery on my thumb. As a result of seeing C.J., he discovered that I also had pain in my arms. After a very painful examination he told me of his course of action. After a very painful examination he told me of his course of action. They were, eating gluten free and reducing sugar which may have been causing the inflammation. With treatment over a few weeks and using his special ointment I was pain free. I'm an avid machine knitter. I was so afraid that I might not be able to knit again. C.J. recommended reducing the amount of time on the machine. I have never been happier. I am back to knitting and no longer have trigger finger and arm pain. Anytime I have pain, I go to C.J. I recommend him highly.

Hot Flashes, Shortness of breath, Weight Loss - Debbie

I have been seeing Huijeong "CJ" Choe for the last 8 months. He has helped me with various health issues. I was able to lose 50 pounds, reduce my stress levels, cure my menopausal symptoms and help with shortness of breath. I went from having the most extreme hot flashes and mood swings to living a life without these symptoms. I have been seeing western medicine doctors for years with no results. The however wanted to push drugs and surgeries on me. CJ has performed miracles. I have no pain now and ho hot flashes and can breathe normally keep the weight off and feel better now than I have felt in years. I am 56 years old woman. I will continue to see CJ for other issues such as facial cosmetic treatments and to stop smoking. I highly recommend CJ to all my friends and they have all had the same great experiences. I am so happy that I found a doctor who has compassion, caring, and generosity to all his patients. CJ is my miracle worker and I highly recommend him for anyone who really wants a cure for their problems. Thank you CJ!

Infertility - Melanie

I started to coming to CJ at Eastern Acupuncture in August of 2011. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for several months with no luck, as my body was not ovulating. This was partly due to hormonal issues, and partly due to overwhelming stress at work and about my annovulatory condition. My OB/GYN referred me to Eastern Acupuncture as a means of alternative medicine, and I am so glad that I called CJ! I was very nervous at my first visit, as I have a bit of a fear of needles and didn't know how this process would work for me. CJ took over an hour at our initial consultation to explain how acupuncture works, how he could help me, and what was going on in my body. He is very kind and patient, and makes you feel at ease. Sometimes the needles did hurt a bit, but only for a second. After all the needles were in place, I so enjoyed my "relax" time on the table, I started noticing a very apparent difference in my stress level after several treatments ( I visited Eastern Acupuncture once a week for about 6 months). With a combination of medication and acupuncture, my cycles returned back to normal, and was able to conceive! I am now 6 weeks pregnant, and so excited:) I am a big supporter of acupuncture, whether I is for some ailment/imbalance, or just for stress relief. It certainly helped me! I also highly recommend CJ at Eastern Acupuncture…he made me feel so comfortable, and you can tell that he really cares about his patients. I am very grateful for all of his help!

Lower Back Pain - Virginia

I am happy to inform the people of the Triangle and beyond that there is an alternative solution to chronic pain. All that is required is an open mind and a positive attitude. I say this because so many people believe that the only option available to them is to see a doctor for their aches and pains. I have been suffering with lower back pain since June of last year. I went to my primary care physician and he prescribed various medications to relieve my pain. Many office visits later he referred me to "pain management". I felt that I was in good hands. All the things my doctor suggested seemed to make sense. I went through countless injections of steroids. None of these treatments had any long lasting benefits. I had very bad experience with my last injection and my doctor suggested that we "lay off" the injections because they seemed to be making things worse. At this point I couldn't sit in a chair for more than 10 minutes at a time. I could only be on my feet for 30 minutes max. I had to go on short term disability because my work requires me to be in front of a computer for most of the day. I was very discouraged. The pain just seemed to be getting worse. My doctor increased my pain medication and suggested that I try aquatic therapy. I was more than happy to try anything at this point I went to several therapy sessions before I noticed that my hips went from being tender to excruciatingly painful. It was then that I decided that I had to do something different. I couldn't stand living like this any longer. I remember a good friend of mine at work always saying to me "you've got to try my acupuncturist" I finally called "CJ" and made an appointment. I one 60 minute session with him, I was able to walk out of his office without pain in my hips. I couldn't believe it. I figured at best it would wear off in a few hours and I'd be right back to hobbling around. It's been three days now and still no pain! I know he's got a lot of work to do to get me back to "normal" but I'm convinced that he will be albe to get me back to my "old self again". People of the Triangle if you are tired of conventional treatment I highly recommend that you give Acupuncture a try. My Acupuncturist "CJ" is wonderful.

Meniere's Disease - Jesse

I came to Huijeong Choe "CJ" because of my long time fight with Meniere's disease and Anxiety/Panic Disorder. Prior to being treated with acupuncture I would suffer from severe vertigo spells, and panic attacks that lead to me being stuck at home and limited my ability to carry on a normal life. I could not exercise or drive a vehicle and was stuck in my house most of the time. I have tried all sorts of medications and physical therapy to treat Meniere's but the condition only got worse over time.After several weeks of acupuncture treatments, I began to feel better. My wife has noticed my increase in activity at home and that I haven't been complaining of being 'dizzy' as often as I used to. My everyday anxiety was lessened, and the intensity of my vertigo attacks was greatly reduced. I have had great improvements of my Meniere's symptoms since starting acupuncture treatment. The everyday "fog" of Meniere's has lifted and I feel a great improvement in my everyday life. I have started to drive more frequently and started exercising again, things I haven't been able to do in over 2 years. I wanted to say thank you. Your treatments have helped me a lot.

Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain -Kathyern

I was involved in two car accidents over three years ago. I attended physical therapy for many months for pain in my neck and shoulders. I also have pain resulting from stress and fatigue. However, attending physical therapy did little to alleviate my pain. I continued therapy for many months with very little results. Therapy included traditional pt exercises, massage, ultrasound, and electrostimulation. I believed that most likely I would continue to be in pain for my lifetime when I decided to stop attending physical therapy. I had always wanted to try acupuncture, however, and was excited to meet CJ. The first appointment was very interesting because not only did we focus on my areas of pain, but we also looked at my body as a whole. I discovered that I was storing tension, had digestion issues due to stress, and other posture-related problems as well. It was interesting to see that CJ wanted to treat my body as a whole, in order to achieve full healing. After a few appointments, I was already feeling relief. I also implemented ideas that CJ recommended in order to heal while I was away from appointments. This has been the first time that I have had relief from pain as well as reduction in stress and tension. Furthermore, each appointment was handled to achieve a certain goal, not just to continue with treatment with no progress, but to gauge where my health was at certain points in time. I am very thankful for the appointments I had with CJ.

Pregnancy Swelling in Legs and Feet - Dr. Keates

At eight months pregnant, they said that there would be swelling in my legs and feet. I had kept myself in pretty good shape up until this point; no high blood pressure, no pregnancy induced diabetes. After making a visit for a routine OB appointment and showing them the cream puffs for feet I now had, they had no solution. They told me that I would just have to live with it until my baby came… Woo another two months of this? How was I supposed to get anything done. My legs became so tight that I could no longer keel due to the fact that my calves and thighs were so intensely swollen. Massage proved to be vey painful and effleurage just wasn't working. I opted to seek alternative treatment.Through another healthcare professional I found out about Huijeong "CJ" Choe. My colleague stated that he worked wonders for her. So, I scheduled an appointment. On my first treatment I was pleasantly surprised when he let me know that it would not be a ton of needles but just two to help with my condition. He allowed me to sit comfortably in a chair due to my pregnancy while I received treatment. Literally within hours the swelling had decreased at least 50 percent. It was more that "livable…" To me it was a miracle. I could kneel and get my baby's room together. It meant the world to me.

Acupuncture Referral - Dr. Borja

I have had the good fortune to work and co manage patients with Huijeong "C.J." Choe for over one year. Being a chiropractic office, the union of acupuncture and chiropractic care is the perfect symbiosis for health and healing. In my experience working with other Acupuncturists, I am astounded at the positive responses from his patients after just one or two treatments. I am very pleased at his positive mental attitude and his jovial nature. He will be my exclusive Acupuncture referral for years to come.

Sciatica - Willaims

I'm writing this letter to show you my gratitude. If it weren't for your expertise in acupuncture, I would most likely schedule for back surgery because the pain was unbearable. Through conventional medicine, I was diagnosed with Sciatica due to bulging discs of L3-L4, L4-L5. After countless pain medications at first, the orthopedic recommended pain management. Pain management included physical therapy with three epidural injections of the lower spine. Needless to say, these treatments only masked the symptoms for a couple of months and that's when my real problems began. In July-August 2004, the pain was so bad I couldn't feel my legs with continued visits to the Emergency room. (This involved more pain medication in higher doses). Meanwhile I'm waiting 4-6 weeks for my next orthopedics appointment. Upon seeing the orthopedics, he suggests surgery immediately. The pain was so intolerable, I opted for surgery at this point. My daughter, who's an x-ray tech, suggested to see an acupuncturist while we were waiting to see the Back surgeon. Thank goodness, that's when we encountered you facility ACUPAIN. After one visit, that was the first night sleep since this began in January 2004. I didn't fully understand the whole acupuncture technique but at this point, I would try anything just to make the pain go away. I would like to thank you endlessly for your patience, expertise and kindness throughout my ordeal. The follow-up visits I looked forward to even more because I'm my old self again! Thanks again and I will never forget how you made me feel 100% again.

Severe Allergies, Post Cancer Lymphedema - Alejandra

This is just a note to thank you very much for your treatment during my recent stay in Raleigh. Upon my arrival I heard about you through one of your patients and decided to make an appointment for my various ailments including severe allergies, post cancer lymphedema conditions and other digestive issues. During the first appointments I truly felt that all my issues were addressed for my daily way of life: my diet, my emotions, my sleeping habits, my body temperature and some others. I felt that my overall health was being treated completely as a unit; of human body and mind. Having cancer, my experience with healthcare had reached the conclusion that doctors are simply losing the ability to see the person, while in your care I felt that my whole person was being treated.My allergies were gone and the reason why these arose was so obvious it impressed me that my chronic condition improved and all the other issues were treated and corrected.My husband who also had an appointment with you found your insight on his oily condition and digestive problems very logical and helpful and with the few recommendations and exercises he is already seeing the improvement. I truly believe that your holistic approach to health treats both the mind and the body completely. Thank you very much!


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